Searching for cheap used cars these days is genuinely tough. It's harder than ever to find above-decent vehicles at an affordable price, especially if..
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This was the story of 34-year-old Victor Matiyenga of Harare who started with washing cars at his father’s car sale, but now owns a top-notch vehicl..
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Car and Driver Small SUVs are in big demand: 15%+ of Ford Bronco Sports and Chevrolet TrailBlazers sell for more money used than new! The Drive Lookin..
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Starting next year, consumers buying used electric vehicles from car dealers could save up to $4,000 under a new U.S. law. But their choices — at le..
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Cars swamped in stormwater could return to market far away from the hurricane zoneBy Thousands of cars are damaged or destroyed by floods every year, ..
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While the new car ... you choose for a pre-sale inspection. You should also check the title. If the seller won’t let you do these things, you should..
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To find some of the worst offenders, we turned to you and asked what new cars are already looking old? Here are some of the top responses we received.
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These books are well used and ... plug in their car’s vehicle identification number. So you have an easy fallback. Some online platforms specificall..
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An investigation by the BBC has found used car buyers have been conned by a scam dealership website almost identical to the one exposed by Car Dealer ..
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That phenomenon is now going the way of Zoom happy hours, near-empty flights ... and noted that even used Toyota RAV4s, one of the most popular cars o..
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