We already get ads when scrolling through feeds on the Explore page, but now, Instagram says businesses can put ads on the Explore homepage as well, w..
9 hours ago
With revenue decline due to Apple's ATT policy and TikTok increasing growth among users, Meta plans to add more ads to Instagram.
"For maintaining [my] Instagram [account], I now face a prison term of up to six years," Veronika Loginova wrote.
2 weeks ago
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have no shortage of fun together. On Tuesday, the 32-year-old "Emo Girl" singer enlisted the help of his fiancée to g..
13 hours ago
The logo for Sony Pictures' Madame Web has been revealed. The movie starring Dakota Johnson as the titular Madame Web exists in Sony's Spider-Man Univ..
2 days ago
Charlotte Lui Cheuk-nok’s sketches feature quirky everyday moments, such as passengers snoozing while standing and students using bags to anchor the..
4 days ago
A screenshot of the post shows Kim Kardashian did include "#Ad" — but federal securities laws require additional disclosure for crypto ads.
2 days ago
Prepare to see more advertising types on Instagram as parent company Meta Platforms Inc. tests out new formats.
2 days ago
The food blogger aesthetic has given way to something more realistic and DIY: Laissez-faire Instagram food is here ...
6 days ago
We’ve got so much sports history in Detroit with four longtime professional teams. With history comes logos -- lots of them. Some were awesome, some..
14 hours ago