Meta stands accused of breaking Apple privacy rules, as a set of proposed class-action lawsuits describes it using its in-app browsers to track activi..
9 hours ago
As such, it will shove ads into more areas of the app, namely the Explore feed and the grid on people's profiles. Brands can now place ads in the Expl..
In a series of updates to Instagram advertising, the app is surfacing ads in more places, such as public profiles and the Explore tab. Additional upda..
10 hours ago
Case and point, Meta just announced that you’re going to start seeing more ads on its photo-sharing app. Instagram will start displaying ads on the ..
12 hours ago
BeReal, a new social media app that pushes "authentic sharing," has seriously taken off. Open Influence CEO Eric Dahan explained to Fox News Digital w..
2 days ago
The new app removes ads and suggested content from the Instagram feed, while also offering users options to customize. But it has a few issues.
6 days ago
For now, the Instagram experience is pretty bad, full of intrusive ads and irrelevant Reels from creators you might not care to know about. (A chief c..
7 days ago
An app appealing to the nostalgia of an Instagram without Reels and recommendations was pulled from the App Store just as developers say it was taking..
6 days ago
Apple removed The OG App, an ad-free Instagram client, from its App Store. Meanwhile, Meta says the app breaks its rules.
6 days ago
Britney Spears is well known for sending her fandom into a tizzy. Over the summer, Britney Spears deleted her Instagram account following a heated fam..